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Bed with drawer – a beautiful and functional piece of furniture

The search for the ideal bed is not just about aesthetics, but also about functionality. This aspect is often overlooked when choosing the most beautiful piece of furniture. Children’s beds with integrated drawers combine these two features and are therefore the ideal choice for a child’s room.

House bed with drawer – organization and space

As a rule, children’s rooms are not particularly spacious, and even if they are large, the number of toys that children have seems endless. Efficient use of the available space is therefore of crucial importance. Beds with integrated storage space are a clever and space-saving solution, as no additional shelving is required. Access to the bed drawer is easy so that even the youngest children can open it effortlessly. This makes such bed drawers ideal for storing your child’s bedding, toys and other treasures. For many parents, keeping the children’s room tidy can be a constant challenge. Beds with drawers can be an important ally here. Children learn to keep things tidy more quickly if they have easy access to places where they can store their things.

Bed drawer with castor – aesthetics and style

Beds with integrated drawers are not only functional, but can also be an aesthetic element of children’s room furnishings. They are available in different styles and designs to suit the individual preferences of both the child and the parents.

Clara house bed with and without drawer

If you are unsure whether you really need a drawer, we have the ideal solution for you. The bed and bed base are available from us both as a set and separately. This gives you the option of buying the house bed first and then deciding whether you also need a drawer. It will also be easier financially if you buy the bed first and can buy the drawer later. If the house bed is not your preferred model, we also offer classic children’s bedrooms with fall-out protection and a drawer.

Bed bases on castors – European production

Beds with storage drawers are an indispensable solution for children’s rooms of all ages. Their practicality, functionality, aesthetics and safety make them an excellent choice for all parents who want to offer their children a comfortable and well-designed place to sleep and play. Thanks to them, children’s rooms are not only more functional, but also cozier and more aesthetic. The drawers can be slid in and out effortlessly thanks to the castors. Both our wooden beds and drawers are handmade in Europe. They are unpainted, free of artificial odors and free of harmful substances, which makes them very safe for children.