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Car bed for children: tips for a comfortable sleeping environment

Child’s need for sleep

Children should get at least 8-10 hours of sleep per day until the age of about 16. It is important to stick to a fixed bedtime schedule, which can often be a challenge, especially with younger children. If your child has sleeping problems, provide a comfortable and safe sleeping environment. A little night lamp to chase away any night-time ghosts 😉 a comfortable mattress and – perhaps most importantly – a bed of their own. And which bed will be the best? Probably the one your child can choose for themselves.

How do you choose a bed for your child?

Your child will certainly prefer to sleep in a bed that they have chosen themselves. So they go to a furniture store together or search the internet for a suitable bed. As soon as they have decided on a bed, they assemble it together. The time spent together and your child’s contribution to the construction of the bed will ensure that they love the bed even more. A fun and original sleeping place will make it much easier for your child to fall asleep.

Car bed for a boy’s room

Which bed should you choose for your boy’s room? Our suggestion is a bed in the shape of a car, which is available in our store. The Jeep children’s beds have already delighted thousands of children and parents. With their original design, they will whisk your child away to a magical dreamland every night. Treat your child to this special experience and make their fantasy come true with a car bed from us.

Is a bed in the shape of a car comfortable and functional?

The car beds are just as comfortable and practical as conventional models. In our range you will find car beds with a unique Jeep design. They are available in two versions. The white version is made of 18 mm thick MDF, while the natural version is made of 15 mm thick, FSC-certified birch wood. Despite the different materials, both beds are equally robust and stable.

Car bed for boys and girls

Healthy sleep is essential for a child’s development and well-being. Parents should take care to create a relaxed and comfortable sleeping environment that meets their child’s individual needs and preferences. Choosing the right bed plays an important role in this. A bed that the child has helped to choose and build will not only make sleeping easier, but will also strengthen the bond between parents and child. Beds with creative designs in particular, such as a car bed, can help to make sleeping a positive experience and give children more energy for the day ahead.

Remember that a car-shaped children’s bed is not just the perfect choice for boys. Girls can also be delighted with a bed like this. If the car bed doesn’t suit your daughter’s taste, we also have an adorable rabbit bed on offer 🐇