Ecological cloth dolls from Mari Dolls

The influence of natural toys on child development

When we look at children, we marvel at their extraordinary ability to discover the world around them, as they strive from birth to explore their senses, investigate their surroundings, and learn new skills. Toys play a crucial role in this fascinating process of development and discovery.

Why are natural toys so important?

It important to consider what toys we are introducing into our child’s life. Increasingly, parents are consciously choosing natural toys such as wooden building blocks, rag dolls made from natural materials, or sensory toys made from safe and ecological materials. Why? After all, such toys not only provide entertainment and a break from the TV screen, but also have a proven positive impact on the child’s development of concentration, imagination, manual and social skills.

Cloth dolls in the style of Waldorf dolls

A good example of toys made of natural materials is a Waldorf doll made of fabric that is only wool or cotton. The Waldorf dolls are simple and free of excessive detail, allowing your child to interpret them freely. The Natural Doll encourage the child to play creatively and symbolically instead of predefined roles and scenarios. The child can find in them a friend, a travel companion or a character for fantastic stories. This wonderfully promotes emotional and creative development.

Ecological cloth dolls from Mari Dolls

Our suggestion for sustainable toys are ecological cloth dolls from Mari Dolls, made in Poland from high quality natural materials. Each handmade rag doll is filled with navy wool, which has a property of retaining heat and absorbing scents. Unlike a plastic doll, a soft cloth doll is “warm” and smells of home and security. Durable cotton, skin-colored and certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, forms the basis for the production of the cuddly dolls. Yarn is turned into hair and garments are sewn, knitted or crocheted. A creative and labor-intensive process underlies the production of each sustainable doll with clothes. This process is not suitable for mass production, which makes each handmade doll unique and considered one of a kind. Their unconventional look will delight both young and old children. The soft and pastel colors give it an extremely friendly character.

Why a sustainable doll?

An ecological rag doll will not only be a playmate for your child, its presence on a shelf, sofa or bed will bring a subtle charm and give the interior a cozy atmosphere. Regardless of the style of interior, the cuddly doll will fit perfectly into a variety of arrangements and add a pleasant touch. The soft rag doll relieves tension when a parent is not around. She is a secret keeper for the children and a companion when playing in the house.

Sustainable doll better than mass toys

It is important that the baby dolls designed by Agnieszka Wojda do not reproduce negative appearances. They are not characterized by flashy clothes and unnatural shapes. Instead, they focus on traditional charm and innocence, allowing children to develop healthily, free from the complex silhouettes of popular mass-produced toys. Cute cuddly animals will provide your child with excellent fun that will stimulate the imagination.