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Floor bed: comfort, safety and modern design

Floor beds are a popular choice among parents looking for nursery furniture that ensures comfort, safety and a modern look in their child’s room. This unique furniture combines many advantages and is therefore increasingly preferred in children’s environments. In this article, we will look at why floor beds are gaining popularity, focusing on comfort, safety, Montessori principles and modern design.

What is a floor bed?

Simply put, a floor bed is a bed with a very low height. The mattress frame is almost at floor level with only a minimal gap for correct mattress ventilation. Children therefore have unrestricted access to their bed and can get in and out at any time without the help of an adult. In this way, children learn independence from an early age.

Low bed – a safe solution for small toddlers

Parents particularly appreciate floor beds because of their high level of safety. The bed is positioned so low above the floor that there is no risk of injury if the child falls out. Especially if a soft carpet or carpet pad is used on the floor next to the bed. The fall-out protection offers additional protection.

Montessori inspired bed

A Montessori children’s room is characterized by the fact that the child has unrestricted access to all pieces of furniture in their room. Bookshelves should be low enough so that the child can easily access their favorite book. Beds should be accessible to the child without the help of parents. The floor beds therefore fit perfectly into the Montessori philosophy. Even a crawling child can easily climb onto such a bed without the help of an adult, especially if the bed is without a railing. Access to the bed is then unrestricted from all sides.

Stylish wooden floor bed

Our floor beds have a contemporary design that fits perfectly into the design of modern children’s rooms. In our online store you will find children’s beds made from solid spruce wood. This makes them particularly safe, both for your child’s health and environmentally friendly. The use of sustainable materials underlines our commitment to a child-friendly environment. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also keep an eye on the future of our planet.

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