Climbing arch Leo MDF

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Designed according to Montessori philosophy, this climbing arch will help your child develop healthy balance and independence. The wide, closely spaced boards ensure safe climbing. Turned upside down, the arch can be used as a seesaw, bringing new fun to the game. The high-quality MDF boards (18 mm thick) provide the necessary stability.

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More information about the product:

Leo 90x50x40 cm

  • NeedSleep climbing arch is made of 18 mm thick MDF, which provides a very stable construction. The maximum load capacity is 60 kg.

Leo 110x50x40 cm with table top and chair

  • The climbing arch in combination with the tabletop and chair turns into a place for painting and crafts, as well as endless games with dolls, toy cars and blocks.

Leo 90x50x40 cm

  • The arch is suitable for children of different ages – for babies as a baby bouncer to fall asleep, for toddlers for climbing and swinging

Chris 100x50x40 cm

Leo 110x50x40 cm

Leo 110x50x40 cm with slide

Warnings and use

  • “Warning. Fall hazard, children under 36 months should not be left unattended.”
  • “Use as directed”
  • “An activating toy for children who can at least sit, stand up, stand safely and crawl”
  • “Be aware of the risks posed by open fires and other sources of intense heat, such as electric or gas heaters, etc., near the toy.”
  • “Do not use the toy if any element is damaged or any element is missing, use only elements approved by the manufacturer.”
  • “Don’t leave anything in the toy and don’t place the toy near other equipment that could support the foot or strangle or hang the child, such as curtains and blind cords.”

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Wipe a dry or slightly damp cloth with water only.
  • Once a month, check that the screws have not loosened and no element is broken.
Climbing arch Size

110x50x40 cm, 90x50x40 cm