House bed Leonidas with fall out protection Symmetrical

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This house bed really leaves nothing to be desired. During the day it acts as a practical playing area, at night it turns into a cozy bed and accompanies the little adventures of our little beloved ones, in the land of dreams. The Scandinavian design provides a simple yet playful look. The house bedd is available with and without fall-out protection, and with and without chimney.

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More information about the product:

Montessori wood crib

The crib in the shape of a house has many applications. Our floor bed can be not only a place to sleep, but also a cozy corner for reading, studying or playing extensively. For example, you can remove the slatted frame so that your child can turn the play bed into his own little house. Your child can paint and decorate the boards with watercolors. A home bed provides your child with an ideal environment for its development. The Montessori philosophy emphasizes the importance of the child’s freedom and independence. The Montessori crib promotes these values and creates space for exploration and creativity.

Technical data:

70×140 cm total height: 142 cm | total width: 75.5 cm | total length: 145 cm | load capacity: 150 kg | without mattress | with slatted frame

80×160 cm total height: 153 cm | total width: 85.5 cm | total length: 165 cm | load capacity: 150 kg | without mattress | with slatted frame

90×180 cm total height: 162 cm | total width: 95.5 cm | total length: 185 cm | load capacity: 120 kg | without mattress | with slatted frame

IMPORTANT: The house beds are sold without mattress. The thickness of the mattress may be max. 12 cm, otherwise the fall-out protection cannot fulfill its function.

Our children’s beds are made of 100% natural materials – high quality spruce wood. The beds are unpainted, which makes them not only child-friendly, but also environmentally friendly.

NeedSleep symmetrical house bed :

House bed with fall out protection and fireplace
  • The fall-out protection is double-sided and can be mounted on both sides of the bed.
House bed with fireplace

  • The height between the mattress and the floor is very low, which makes the bed very safe for children.
House bed with fall out protection
  • The house bed is made of 2.4cm thick boards, which makes for a very stable construction.
House bed without fireplace and fall out protection
  • Child-friendly – the house bed is unpainted and therefore without artificial odor.

Warnings and use

  • “Be aware of the risks posed by open fires and other sources of intense heat, such as electric or gas heaters and the like, near the bed.”
  • “Do not use the bed if any element is damaged or any element is missing, use only elements approved by the manufacturer”,
  • “Do not place the bed near other equipment that could cause suffocation or hang the child, such as cords for curtains and blinds.”
  • “Do not use more than one mattress”,
  • “Bed 70×140 and 80×160 cm: load capacity: 150 kg, bed 90×180 cm load capacity: 120 kg”
  • “Use as directed”
  • “Jumping on the bed can damage the elements or cause them to break”.
Cleaning and maintenance:
  • Wipe a dry or very slightly damp cloth with water only.
  • Once a month, check that the screws have not loosened and no element is broken.
Toddler Bed Size

70x140cm, 80×160 cm, 90×180 cm, 90×200 cm, 90×160 cm


With chimney, Without chimney