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Winter Leather Slippers for children Black

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More information about the product:

How to choose the right shoe size:
  1. Place your child’s foot on the floor or on a straight surface on a piece of paper.
  2. Mark the foot length with a pencil in front of the longest toe and behind the heel.
  3. Measure the distance between the markings.
  4. Read the shoe size corresponding to your measurements in the right table, e.g. at the foot length of 14.5 cm 23 would be the appropriate shoe size for your child.
  5. Measure both feet. To choose the shoe size, take the measurement data of the longer foot.
  • measure the child’s foot in the afternoon, as it becomes about 5% wider during the day
  • measure the foot in standing position, because in this condition it is 3-6- mm longer
  • Check the foot length about every two-three months
The best for the little feet of your child!

Children’s feet grow extremely quickly. Between the ages of three and six, children’s feet grow an average of two to three shoe sizes a year. That is why every 2-3 months parents should check the shoe size of their children.

The shoes must not be too small, as it can cause foot deformities, nor too large, otherwise the child will stumble and can not move freely.

Free from amines and pesticides
  • The children’s shoes are made of 100% natural Italian leather and certified antibacterial fabrics.
  • The leather is completely free of carcinogenic amines and pesticides.
Soft and comfortable
  • Our leather shoes are very soft and comfortable. They do not burden the foot, and allow it to breathe. They are perfect for kindergarten and slippers.
High wearing comfort
  • Because of the beautiful colorful patterns and comfort, your child will love to wear these shoes 🙂
Weihnachts Geschenk
Made in Europe
  • Made in Europe – we are bound by European standards at every stage of production.
Leather Slippers Size

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